WQM Webinar 2023

The Smith Mountain Lake Association and Ferrum College have collaborated for 36 years to monitor the water quality of Smith Mountain Lake. On March 15, 2023, we jointly hosted a public webinar to report the results of the 2022 water quality monitoring season. A replay of the full 60-minute webinar may be viewed by clicking on the link below. If you prefer a shorter version, we have prepared twelve short video clips, each consisting of 2-3 minutes devoted to a specific topic from the webinar. Either way, we hope you find these videos informative, not only about the health of the lake, but the activities of the Smith Mountain Lake Association to keep our lake clean and safe.

Full Webinar (60 minutes)

Individual Topics

Trophic State Index (TSI)

TSI Components




Microbial Source Tracking

Rainfall and Bacteria

Lake Health

Harmful Algal Blooms


Extended Monitoring


Buffer Gardens