Vessel Pump Out

Keeping dangerous bacteria out of the Lake.

The Vessel Pump Out Program is a cooperative effort between the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), SMLA, and the Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission. There is NO COST to boaters for this service. The Program operates each weekend during an 18-week season from May through September.

  • During 2022 the program pumped out over 5,290 gallons of raw sewage from over 300 separate pump out operations.
  • Total expenditures for the 2022 season were about $25,000 that was covered by a 75% grant from VDH and a 25% contribution by SMLA. TLAC supplied 10% of the total expenditures to cover administrative costs.
  • The 2023 season for the Vessel Pump Out Program is scheduled to start on May 20th, two weekends before the Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Additionally, there are 18 marinas with pump-out facilities on the lake in order to accommodate recreational boater waste.

REMEMBER: The Smith Mountain Lake Is A No Discharge Zone!

It is illegal to discharge untreated sewage from vessels or boats in all Virginia waters. It is also illegal to discharge any treated waste from vessels equipped with Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs). U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations require all vessels to disable the MSD discharge capability while operating in waters designated as a Federally designated No Discharge Zone (NDZ).

Map of marina locations and list of marinas that participate in Vessel Pump Out

204: Crystal Shores Marina Resort (540) 297-1888;
(Near R-27A)

205: Webster Marine Center, Inc (540) 297-5228;
(Near R-28)

207: Craddock Creek Marina (540) 297-7325;
(Near C-2A)

208: Mariners Landing Resort Community (540) 297-3200;
(Near C-6)

209: Mitchell Point Marina (540) 874-4326;l
(Near C-3A)

210: Parkway Marina (540) 297-4412;
(Near R-8)

212: Virginia Dare Cruises & Marina (800) 721-DARE;
(Near WC-1)

213: Waterwheel Marina (540) 721-5668;
(Near R-28)

 214: Bay Roc Marina (540) 890-2194;
(Near R-87)

215: Bayside Marina (540) 721-3664;
(Near R-26)

216: Bridgewater Marina (540) 721-1639:
(Near R-28)

217: Indian Pointe Marina (540) 874-5249;
(Near R-37)

218: Parrot Cove Boat Rentals (540) 721-5363;
(Near R-28)

219: Pelican Point Yacht Club (540) 576-2019;
(Between B-10 and B-10A)

220: Lumpkins Marina (804) 927-5150
(Across from B-2)

221: Smith Mountain Dock and Lodge (434) 927-5100;
(Between lake markers R-6 and R-8)

222: Gills Creek Marina (540) 721-2451;
(Near G-2)

223: Crazy Horse Marina (540) 721-1587;
(Near B-10A)

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