How to Help

Get Involved:. Please contact the SMLA office or President and express your desire to serve. (All positions must be filled by an SMLA member)

Current Opportunity:  Our Save our Streams (SOS) program will hold a spring workshop for new volunteers on Saturday, March 4th. [read more]

You can volunteer for…

  • Being an office volunteer
  • Collecting water samples
  • Identifying the organisms in a stream to determine water quality
  • Working on the Vessel Pump Out program
  • Collecting weed samples
  • Monitoring parts of the lake for floating debris
  • Organizing and participating in a Lake Cleanup Day in your neighborhood
  • Preparing articles for newspapers or the website
  • Developing marketing materials for the organization
  • Providing annual auditing services for the Treasurer
  • Representing one of the three counties by attending County Board of Supervisors meetings and reporting back to the SMLA Board of Directors

You can work with:

  • Homeowners on the Buffer Landscape Program to educate them on Lake saving techniques to reduce nutrients and sedimentation from entering the Lake.
  • Members of the Water Safety Council to concentrate on safe boating issues and implement related programs.
  • Local businesses, marinas, and the public to distribute and sell our Lake Maps/Charts.
  • Marketing professionals to help spread the good news about SMLA and the work we do.

You can study-up on a topic and work with others on issues as they present, such as:

  • The Shoreline Management Plan
  • AEP Relicensing
  • Local Government relations and interface
  • Environmental Education programs
  • Water level issues
  • Bacteria sources and farm animal retainer ponds
  • Fish habitats

You can interface with:

  • Ferrum College as they analyze data and prepare reports on water quality
  • Game and Inland Fishery as they address fishing issues
  • Blue Ridge Soil and Conservation as they address soil erosion issues

You may also have expertise that would help us with:

  • Watershed issues
  • Wetland Restoration Programs
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Fertilizers and how they impact water quality
  • Landscaping and Plantings to reduce erosion
  • Fish habitat(s)

You Can Research, Benchmark, and/or Survey:

  • What other lake organizations are doing to protect their lake and watershed.
  • In fact, if what we are currently doing is not the best of fit for your interests, or expertise, you may also bring to us new ideas and programs. That’s how we grow!