Guide to Buffer Landscaping

The Guide to Buffer Landscaping is designed to provide information and practical “How To” instructions that will enable you to create a buffer landscape on your waterfront property.


You can use all or specific sections of the “Guide” to create a buffer landscape. It is the hope of the committee that all property owners with shoreline on Smith Mountain Lake will add buffer landscaping to their lake property. Even starter buffer landscape plantings aide in the effort to protect water quality and preserve the lake. A buffer landscape is dynamic – changing, growing, and maturing as you shape the future of your property.


The first two chapters give an overview of the environmental science behind the efforts to protect the water quality and integrity of the lake. This information will answer the question, “Why should I do this?”


Practical How-To Guide:

Chapter three through five contain specific instructions taking the reader through the planning, implementation, and maintenance of a buffer landscape. This information will answer the question, “How do I do this?”

So– get started! Pick a topic and explore how you can be a part of protecting and preserving our valuable lake resource while creating a beautiful landscape that will add value to your property.