Nomination Form

The SMLA Spirit of the Lake Award

The Smith Mountain Lake Association presents the Spirit of the Lake Award to a deserving member (individual, group, organization or business) of the Smith Mountain Lake community who has demonstrated a Spirit that sets them apart from others and is deserving of recognition.  The nominee’s long-term efforts should enhance their credibility for this award. If the SMLA deems appropriate, more than one award winner could be named. 

Please provide as much information as possible to support your nomination. If you prefer a paper form, please download the nomination form.

Please describe how the nominee has impacted one or more of the following criteria:

Creating a unique and positive lake business environment; Promoting recreational activities for local residents and vacationers; Establishing an atmosphere to support community members in times of need; Providing opportunities to expand community involvement in individual self-development classes; Fostering positive youth development through water-related programs or technical training opportunities; Promoting environmental awareness and related programs; Supporting outreach with neighboring communities for regional cooperative development; Demonstrating exceptional actions as a Steward of the Lake.