Spring 2022 Membership Drive

Spring 2022 Membership Drive

Smith Mountain Lake Association Announces its Spring 2022 Membership Drive

The Smith Mountain Lake Association announces its Spring 2022 membership drive with a goal to increase membership by 200 new individual or family members by the end of May. Funds raised through the membership drive will support SMLA’s mission to protect the water of Smith Mountain Lake and promote safe recreation. Specific initiatives supported by this membership drive include buying remote electronic sensors to monitor the water quality of the lake and funding of buffer landscape demonstration projects.

In announcing the membership drive, Bill Butterfield, President of SMLA said “membership in SMLA is your best and easiest opportunity to ensure that the lake will continue to be environmentally preserved, safe in recreational all activities, and a place for you, your kids, and grandkids to enjoy. Join us and participate in one of our many lake-protecting activities.”

SMLA membership chairperson Gale Easter said that the membership drive will include a mailing to lake property owners and activities highlighting the benefits of membership at events such as the SML business expo on May 6th. Easter said “we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that has depended upon our membership program to accomplish our mission. We hope everyone interested in the future of the lake will consider joining us.”

Please visit the SMLA website for more information on the work that SMLA performs or how you can support their continued efforts at www.smlassociation.org.