Chitwood Landscape Design Gold Partner

Chitwood Landscape Design has joined the Smith Mountain Lake Association (SMLA) as a Gold business partner. 

Bill Butterfield, President of SMLA, announced that Chitwood Landscape Design has joined SMLA as a Gold business partner. Acknowledging both the collaboration with Chitwood Landscape Design and the partnership that a Gold sponsor represents, Butterfield said “we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that has depended upon our member and business partner support to fund out initiatives over the past 50 years. Mr. Chitwood’s Gold sponsorship represents not only an opportunity to join hands in our endeavor with a dedicated business partner whose business contributes to the beauty of the lake but also use the support to fund ongoing projects that help us further our mission to protect the water of Smith Mountain Lake and promote safe recreation.”

SMLA is appreciative of all their business partners and works independently with business partners to support lake initiatives that include water quality monitoring, buffer gardening, save our streams, invasive species and recreational safety to name just a few. Please visit the SMLA website for more information on the work that SMLA performs or how you can support their continued efforts at