February 2023

February 2023

The new year has arrived and I look forward to sharing SMLA’s direction, news, and events with you. We begin this edition of AHOY by reminding you of our 2023 priorities, goals, and future looking outcomes. Our success for the calendar year will be determined by staying the course and fortifying the strength of the SMLA organization. I would also like to highlight our 2023 communication schedule. Please refer to this 1st edition of the 2023 AHOY as often as I will to evaluate our performance. Future editions of AHOY will focus on our programs, activities and accomplishments.

2023 Priorities

  • Improve awareness for residents and visitors about keeping SML clean and safe, including SMLA’s contributions to make it happen
  • Host a fun and interactive community event, A Day at the Lake, with focus on a clean and safe lake (scheduled for June 10th at Crazy Horse Marina)
  • Position the SMLA Strategic Plan to address future changes and lake dynamics
  • Amply community outreach and drive new SMLA memberships
  • Increase business partnerships and engagement
  • Fully implement our newly formed Lake Quality Council (LQC) and explore the development of a lake awareness council

2023 Goals

  • Finalize our Strategic Plan, Smith Mountain Lake 2030
  • Launch a successful community event, A Day at the Lake
  • Position our LQC as the technical force behind SMLA
  • Support the excellent work of our Water Safety Council (WSC)
  • Implement Phase 3 of our website improvements, Google Analytics
  • Increase our Family and Business Partner membership towards 2,000 members

A Day at the Lake

Keeping it Clean and Safe

Mark your calendar for June 10th and join us at Crazy Horse Marina to kick-off the summer season. We have a fun, interactive and educational day planned. More details to follow. If you would like to volunteer to help us the day of the event, please email theoffice@smlassociation.org.

Beyond 2023 – A More Mature SMLA

  • Enhance communication with our members and the lake community
  • Develop fundraising support to help achieve SMLA’s mission
  • Amplify community outreach and volunteer opportunities
  • Establish partnerships with local Homeowner Associations
  • Explore government affairs opportunities
  • Advance our educational programs
  • Position the LQC to anticipate future changes and dynamics
  • Conduct market research to better understand the needs of the lake community
  • Expand our water monitoring partnerships in the state and region
  • Increase our membership to include the majority of the lake community

2023 Communication Schedule

Weekly: Email Blasts and Social Media Posts
Monthly: AHOY, Lake Matters, SMLA News & Updates
Quarterly: Membership Newsletter
Semi-Annual: Business Partner Promotion
Annual: Member Meeting, Volunteer Appreciation Event, LQC and WSC Reports

Our New Board of Director Members

Please join me in welcome our new Board members

  • Eric Cheney, Water Safety Council
  • Nancy Davenport, Treasurer
  • Keri Green, Lake Quality Council



As always, your feedback is appreciated and welcome. Please contact me at theoffice@smlassociation.org.

Bill Butterfield, President