September 2022

September 2022

SMLA Business Partners

Please join me in thanking Deb Beran Properties, Phil Hager Insurance, and ML Realty for upgrading their Business Partner membership to our highest level, Defender of the Lake. Protecting SML is an investment in our community and economy. We greatly appreciate the support from all our business partners to keep SML clean and safe.

SMLA Strategic Planning

Update from Strategic Planning Committee

On Tuesday, August 16th, the SMLA BOD held its strategic planning meeting at the Bedford/Western VA Water Authority conference room. The meeting focused on the future of SMLA. We must prepare now for a future that may include:

  • Warming temperatures and more extreme weather events
  • Increased boat and recreational activities
  • Increased shoreline development
  • Increased runoff of bio and silt contaminates

Our goal is put SMLA on a course to mature our organization and prepare us for the future in order to state in 2030 that the waters of SML continue to be clean and safe for recreation.

SMLA Volunteer

Nomination Committee Organized

In the August BOD meeting the board organized its nominating committee for 2022-2024 BOD members. If you are interested in serving as a SMLA BOD member (at least 2 BOD openings), please let the SMLA Office know at:

Interested in helping to preserve SML cleanliness and safety? We are in need of additional volunteers to serve on one of our many committees (not a BOD position), if you have an interest in getting involved with a great group of volunteers, please let us know.


Water Quality Management

Sixth Week Test Results

The Smith Mountain Lake Association announces the completion of the sixth week

of the Smith Mountain Lake Water Quality Monitoring program. An all-volunteer team of 53 lake residents collected water samples, prepared algae filters, and measured water clarity at 84 sites on the lake during the week ending August 6th.

As previously reported, water samples taken on August 2nd at fourteen sites around Smith Mountain Lake found that all but one of the sites satisfied the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Standard for recreational waters. The site that exceeded the VDH bacteria guidelines was in the upper Blackwater near channel marker B49.

Water clarity in the lake declined in the week ending August 6. This follows the pattern typically seen in the late summer.

The average Chlorophyll-a concentration has increased to 6.6 parts per billion (ppb) compared to an average of 3.7 ppb during the previous sampling period.

Levels of Phosphorous increased to 23.1 ppb in the current period compared to 20.5 ppb in the previous period. These levels of both Chlorophyll-a and Phosphorous remain considerably lower than we typically see at this time of year.

Upcoming Events

Antique Boat Show – September 17th at Crazy Horse Marina. SMLA and SMLA WSC will attend.

SMLA Annual Membership Meeting – September 29th at Trinity Ecumenical Parish. Doors open 5:30 pm.

Bill Butterfield