March 2022

March 2022

Welcome to the March edition SMLA AHOY!  It is hard to believe we are now in the last month of the first quarter of 2022.  Boat activity continues to pick up with warmer days ahead.  This month’s SMLA AHOY is focused on keeping our membership informed of the SMLA BOD goals for 2022.    

I want our SMLA membership to know I am very interested in receiving your feedback and want you to know you have a voice.  If you are inclined to do so please send an email to my attention at:   I will respond to all of your emails. 

The BOD has developed the following goals for 2022:

  • Continue to broadcast our mission statement: As the Steward of Smith Mountain Lake, SMLA’s mission is to protect the water of Smith Mountain Lake and promote safe recreation.  
  • Embrace communication networks to promote the important work of SMLA.
    • Make sure the SML community knows the work we are doing to fulfill our mission statement.
    • Publish a President’s monthly letter, “SMLA AHOY”, which informs our membership of the goals and work of the SMLA BOD along with other lake information that we feel is important for our membership.   
    • Promote the work of SMLA and the effect that work has on property values.  A healthy lake is vital to maintaining those values. 
    • Too many lake residents are unaware of the work of the SMLA.  We need to correct that through communication.  Please help us do so.  
  • We will focus on increasing our individual, family and business membership though:
    • Publishing articles, Email, Facebook, newsletters, fundraisers, and public newspapers; in addition to all available social and broadcast media.
    • Conduct membership and fundraising drives with clear objectives outlining the need of additional funding.  
  • We will broaden our scope of water quality testing to include earlier starting and ending dates for measuring water temperature and clarity. 
  • Our plan is to develop and implement a SMART Lake water quality initiative by adding monitoring equipment and remote sensor capabilities. 
  • A new strategic plan will be developed this calendar year with the goal of addressing forward looking opportunities by focusing the work of the SMLA Board of Directors toward strategic initiatives while maintaining our excellent tactical committee work.   
  • We plan to scale up our “Buffer Garden” initiatives:
    • Complete the pilot garden.
    • Conduct outreach to HOA architectural committees and Garden Clubs.
    • Offer awards for “best buffer garden”.
  • We will embrace communications networks to promote SMLA initiatives and warn of hazardous events.
  • We will continue our work in protecting water quality at SML by:
    • Educating owners as to the importance of septic care and maintenance.
    • Continue to work with TLAC with funding and working the Vessel Pump Out Program to insure no boat effluent reaches the waters of our lake.
    • Monitor our streams and tributaries.
    • Assist the VA DWR in adding fish habitat areas and monitoring the introduction of any invasive fish/ mollusk and plant species. 
    • Communicate and warn residents of algae blooms and high water events.
    • Working with AEP on debris clean-up, recreation and soil conservation. 
    • Publicize and work with SMLRCC and TLAC during the “Take Pride Clean-Up” event.

Thank you for your continued support of the SMLA.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

Membership and charitable donations support the good work of SMLA so thank you for your membership. Your support will help SMLA continue our mission to protect the water of Smith Mountain Lake and promote safe recreation. If you would like to see more about what we’re doing, please visit our website at or join us on Facebook. Working together to protect the water of SML is our most efficient insurance for maintaining our property values and preserving our treasure – The Jewel of the Blue Ridge. 

Bill Butterfield