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Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce
Supporting Businesses at the Lake
Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce and SMLA SML Regional Chamber of Commerce (SMLRCC): The mission of the SMLRCC is to promote the interests of lake area businesses and tourism at the lake. The SMLRCC includes more than 750 businesses and individuals.

They host a plethora of lake activities and functions, including Smith Mountain Lake’s largest single event – the annual Wine Festival. Other events include the Chili Festival, Pirate Days, Business Expo, Rockin’ Brews & BBQ Festival. An influential tourism promoter, they were prime movers behind the creation of the "Virginia Mountains" tourism region that showed Smith Mountain Lake on a tourism map for the first time, ever. They also spearheaded the move to create a Bedford Train Station that will allow thousands of visitors to reach Smith Mountain Lake. The Government Affairs Committee of the Chamber was instrumental in passing and then protecting the Boater Education bill, as well as raising the issue of Zebra Mussels to the state legislature. This year, Smith Mountain Lake celebrates its 50th Anniversary, and the SMLRCC has promoted a fun-filled event schedule for all ages throughout the year.

SMLA cooperates with the SMLRCC on a variety of these events. For more information please look at their website: SML Regional Chamber of Commerce
Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission
An administrative department for the counties surrounding Smith Mountain Lake and Leesville Lake
Photos of the Cedar Cabin at LakeAway Vacation Rentals on Smith Mountain Lake

What is TLAC?

  • A governmental agency created to serve Smith Mountain and Leesville Lakes residents and the local governments.

What do we do? Our functions include:

  • Carry out lake planning duties as assigned by participating counties.
  • Assist residents in reporting debris in the lakes.
  • Assist residents in reporting malfunctioning navigation aids.
  • Be responsible for some shoal and rock markers outside the defined waterway.
  • Manage volunteer Adopter programs for navigation aids.
  • Be responsible for management/control of invasive aquatic vegetation. (Grass carp were stocked for weed control.)
  • Provide liaison interaction with Appalachian Electric Company.
  • Be a resource for local and regional information.
  • Provide administrative oversight in cooperation with SMLA in providing vessel pump out services to boaters during the summer boating season.
  • Coordinate volunteer committees who make recommendations related to lake issues. Current volunteer committees are:
    • Navigation
    • Environmental
    • Vessel Pump Out

Web Address:   sml.us.com

Appalachian Power
Managers of "The Project"
Photos of the Cedar Cabin at LakeAway Vacation Rentals on Smith Mountain Lake

Appalachian Power Company (Appalachian) is an operating unit of American Electric Power (AEP), one of the largest electric utilities in the United States.  Appalachian is the most expansive unit within the AEP system, with more than 8,000 megawatts of generating capacity.  Appalachian serves more than one million customers in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

The Smith Mountain Pumped Storage Project is Appalachian’s largest hydroelectric facility.  The Smith Mountain Project operates as a two-reservoir system, with Smith Mountain Lake serving as the upper reservoir and Leesville Lake as the lower reservoir.  Water stored in Smith Mountain Lake passes through the turbine-generators at the Smith Mountain Dam, generating up to 586 megawatts of electricity.  Most of this water is retained in Leesville Lake, where it can be pumped back into Smith Mountain Lake for re-use.  A portion of the water goes through the turbine-generators at Leesville Dam, generating an additional 50 megawatts of electricity and maintaining stream flow on the Roanoke River.

The normal full pond elevation at Smith Mountain Lake is 795 feet above sea level.  Under its License issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to operate the Smith Mountain Project, Appalachian is responsible for managing all uses and activities within the Project boundary, which generally includes all lands and waters below the 800 foot contour elevation.

The Smith Mountain Lake Association partners with Appalachian Power to help monitor environmental quality and educate stakeholders about issues affecting the Smith Mountain Lake community.

Association of Lake Area Communities
Serving Common Interest Community Associations at Smith Mountain Lake & Leesville Lake
ALAC on Smith Mountain and Leesville Lakes

The Association of Lake Area Communities was formed by a group who were members
of the SMLA in the late 1990s.  With the growth at Smith Mountain Lake and the increasing number of Home Owner Associations they recognized the need for a source of information
and education for those who volunteered to serve on their Board of Directors.

ALAC coordinates seminars on various subjects which pertain to the management of an
HOA as well as an annual presentation by legal firm whose sole practice is in this area.

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