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Smith Mountain Lake Association Member Benefits
Protecting Smith Mountain Lake and its Watershed
SMLA Member Benefits
    The Smith Mountain Lake Association leads the way in:
  • Measuring and protecting water quality, including the identification and monitoring of aquatic weed growth in cooperation with TLAC (Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission) & Ferrum College
  • Working in cooperation with local politicians and the Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee to prevent interstate transfer of water to Kerr Lake regional water system
  • Monitoring and participating in the political process of surrounding counties
  • Working in cooperation with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to address Shoreline Management Program issues, including dredging, shoreline restrictions, docks, and the policies and procedures regulating each
  • Co-sponsoring “Take Pride in SML” annual clean up days in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce & TLAC
  • Monitoring and participating in the development of programs for the relicensing of AEP by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to manage the lake and continue operation of energy generation
  • Partnering with area businesses that support our mission and urging our membership to support these businesses.

Ben . e . fit
When used as a noun, a benefit implies: help, aid, assistance, well-being, etc.

The members of SMLA direct their time and efforts primarily towards the environmental protection of Smith Mountain Lake and its watershed.

Ben . e . fit
When us as a verb, a benefit is typically described as: To receive an advantage, to gain from, make the most of, etc.

The members of SMLA receive, in return for their work, the satisfaction of knowing that what they do has provided for their friends and neighbors a spectrum of “benefits” such as protection of their property value, protection of the water quality of the lake, advocacy for safe boating and recreation....  In short, not only does our community receive the “benefits” of what we do, but we, as SMLA members, receive the “benefit” of satisfaction that comes from collectively accomplishing something that is much more than any one of us could do alone.

A member once described the “benefit” of the yearly membership fee to SMLA as: “the cheapest insurance a homeowner and/or a businessman/women could ever get for $30.”

Another member of SMLA describes the “benefit” he receives in this way:  “I just feel good about the mission and the outcomes, as well as the people I am around, and I know they feel the same way about the work and about me.”

Being a member of SMLA is somewhat analogous to a public service job; you do it knowing that you will “benefit” many people - even if they don't know you or what you have done.  The result is self-satisfaction, justifying the investment of time and talent.

Join the Smith Mountain Lake Association
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Donate whatever amount works for you!

General Donation Any Amount
Get Involved with the Smith Mountain Lake Association
Be a part of the lake community
Get Involved with SMLA

SMLA has the following high-priority Committee Chair vacancies:

  • Water Quality Monitoring - Coordinate with AEP, VDEQ and Ferrum College to manage a lake-wide sampling program. See the video link: http://www.wdbj7.com/content/news/Smith-Mountain-Lake-Association-looks-for-director-to-monitor-water-quality-477312023.html
  • Environmental Education - Work with local schools and community groups to educate our residents on matters that affect SML
  • Buffer Landscaping - Promote the benefits of shoreline buffers to our lake residents and show them the way.
  • Grant Writer - SMLA is looking for volunteer help in the area of GRANT WRITING.  You can work from home and you are in control of your time.

Please contact the SMLA office and express your desire to serve.

We have many other ways to get involved for example:
You can be a volunteer for:

  • Collecting water samples
  • Working on the Vessel Pump Out program
  • Being an office volunteer
  • Collecting weed samples
  • Organizing Lake Cleanup Day
  • Identifying the organisms in a stream to determine water quality
  • Monitoring parts of the lake for floating debris

You can work with:

  • Homeowners on the Buffer Landscape Program
  • Members of the Water Safety Council and concentrate on safe boating issues
  • Local businesses, marinas, and the public in selling our Lake Maps
  • Help maintain our website

You can study-up on a topic and work with others on issues as they present themselves, such as:

  • The Shoreline Management Plan
  • Local Government relations and interface
  • Environmental Education programs

You can interface with:

  • Ferrum College as they analyze and prepare reports on water quality
  • Game and Inland Fishery as they address fishing issues
  • Blue Ridge Soil and Conservation as they address soil erosion issues

You may also have an expertise from you College Days or your professional work that would help us with:

  • Water Shed issues
  • Wetland Restoration Programs
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Fertilizers and how the impact water quality
  • Landscaping and Plantings to reduce erosion
  • Fish habitat(s)

You Can Research, Benchmark, and or Survey what other lake organizations are doing to protect their lake and watershed

  • In fact, if what we are currently doing is not the best of fits for your interests, or expertise, you may also bring to us new ideas and programs.  That’s how we grow.


Note: On the Application for New Membership, which you can printout on line from our website, there are twenty two (22) programs that you can choose from, or as we said, you might want to bring a new program to our attention.
Business Partners
Take part as stewards of the lake
Photos of the Cedar Cabin at LakeAway Vacation Rentals on Smith Mountain Lake

The SMLA Business Partners Program is an opportunity to have Smith Mountain Lake businesses and the Association “partner” to further strengthen and promote the work being done to protect and enhance the lake and environment.  A healthy lake contributes to the welfare of its residents and businesses alike!

Our business partners will receive:

  • Advertising in at least 4 SMLA newsletters
  • Advertising at the annual meeting of the Association
  • Decal for your business window
  • Advertising on the SMLA website

Partners are asked to make a $50 annual contribution.  This contribution will be utilized to promote our mission of advocating, educating and protecting the quality and improvement of issues relative to SML and its watershed.
Partners also are asked to provide a discount to patrons that present their SMLA membership card.  The SMLA has 1100+ members, which will translate into increased business! 
This business partners’ package provides an inexpensive method of advertising and also attracting patrons into your business.  As a non-profit, your donation is tax deductible!
The health of the lake is critical to our environment and ability to economically thrive and live here!

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