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You are invited to Ask SMLA about any issue or subject within our scope of activities. These include:

  • Environmental Issues
  • The Watershed
  • Lake Levels
  • Water and Boating Safety
  • Fish Habitat
  • Invasive Species
  • Lake Programs and Events
  • The Shoreline Management Plan
  • SMLA (the organization)
  • An issue you would like to bring to our attention

Please send your email to AskSMLA@SMLAssociation.org

Along with your question, please include the following:

  • Subject Line: "Ask SMLA"
  • Your Name:
  • Your Phone Number (if you would like someone to call):
  • Are you a member of SMLA: (Yes or No)

We will do our best to get back to you within 5 business days.

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SMLA Office
Contact the office for any adminstrative questions you may have
Contact the Smith Mountain Lake Association

Your first stop for anything SMLA is to call
or visit our Office Manager, Ms. Teresa Picking.

The office can be reached at:

Phone: 540-719-0690

Email: TheOffice@SMLAssociation.org

Click here to send feedback and contact the web master.

Ms. Picking mans the SMLA office three times per week, Tuesdays, Wedsnesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm. On Monday and Friday an SMLA volunteer mans the office and can relay messages to Ms. Picking or one of the Board members.  

Feel free to stop by and ask questions!

SMLA Leadership
SMLA's All Volunteer Board
Leadership of SMLA

The Board of Directors is comprised of no more than 23 members, each of which is screened and elected based on their past experience and involvement in the lake and environmental matters.  The term of the members is two years, so each year around November, SMLA looks for new candidate Board members to fill either vacancies or newly initiated projects.  Below is a list of Board members and their contact information.

Bob Camicia Term Exp. 12-31-18

Victor Clarke Term Exp. 12-31-19

James Colby   Vice President Term Exp. 12-31-19

Casey Kroll Term Exp. 12-31-19

Gale Easter Term Exp. 12-31-19

Tom Hofelich  Asst. Treasurer   Term Exp. 12-31-18

Neil Holthouser (AEP) Term Exp. 12-31-19

Larry Iceman Term Exp. 12-31-18

Russ Johnson Term Exp. 12-31-19

Patrick Massa Term Expires 12-31-19

Michael McEvoy Term Exp. 12-31-19

Terry Naylor  Term Exp. 12-31-19

John Rupnik     Treasurer  Term Expires 12-31-18

Diana Shoudel  Corp. Secretary Term Exp. 12-31-19

Charles Sinex Term Exp. 12-31-19

Lorie Smith   Board President Term Exp. 12-31-19

David Smitherman Term Exp. 12-31-19

Randy Stow Term Exp. 12-31-2018

Rob Whitener  Term Expires 12-31-18

All members are engaged in one or more projects. These projects are run by Committee Chairs with Committee members from the community who organize and run the projects.  Below is a list of current Committees and their Chairs with contact information.

Buffer Landscaping & Environmental Education - Vacant

Bob Camicia   Weed Program, Lake Issues & Franklin County representative

James Colby    Shoreline Management Plan

Gale Easter    Newsletter & Town Hall Meeting

John Rupnik  Website                

Larry Iceman Water Quality Management & Save Our Streams            

Russ Johnson  Membership/Fund Raising & Relicensing     

Patrick Massa      Water Safety            

Charles Sinex Water Level Management & AEP Recreation Committee                   

David.Smitherman  Pittsylvania County representative

Litter & Debris - Vacant    

Rob Whitener   Royal Flush & Maps     

AEP – Relicensing Issues – Liz Parcell 985-2441
AEP – Shoreline Mgmt Plan –Neil Holthouser 985-2544

SML Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center - Vicky Gardner - 540-721-1203

TLAC - Lake Coordinator: TBD - 540-721-4400

ALAC - Terry Naylor - 540-297-5495

Other Organizations in Our Region
We all work together to protect and improve the SML region
Other Organizations in the SML Region

Emergency Numbers
Sheriff’s Departments – Bedford County                                   586-7827
-  Franklin County                                                                       483-3000
-  Pittsylvania County                                                                  434-656-1555
Department of Game & Inland Fisheries                                    434-525-7522
Fire & Rescue                                                                              911

Other Numbers
AEP – Relicensing Issues – Liz Parcell                                      985-2441

  •  Material can be found on the web site                     www.smithmtn.com

AEP – Shoreline Mgmt Plan –Neil Holthouser                           985-2544
AEP – Shoreline Mgmt Plan – Copy located on web site
Erosion Issues, Bedford Co –                                                      1-540-586-7616
Franklin Co –                                                                               483-3027
Pittsylvania Co -  Greg Sides                                                       434-432-7755
Boating Violations, reporting of                                                  1-800-237-5712
Or call the Franklin Co Sheriff & Ask for Game Warden           483-3000
Chesapeake Bay Foundation                                                www.cbj.org
DEQ, Head of  Roanoke office – Robert Weld                           540-562-6762
DGIF, Fish & Weeds –                                                                434-525-7522
DGIF, Enforcement – Karl Martin                                              434-525-7522
FERC, AEP Relicensing – Alan Creamer                                   202-502-8365
Ferrum College, Water Quality – Dr. Carolyn Thomas               365-4368
Franklin Co. Dept of Health                                                        484-0292
Franklin Co. Recreation- Debra Weir                                          483-9293
Lake Gaston Association –Moira Underwood                             252-586-6577
Leesville Lake Association – Sherwood Zimmerman                 434-656-1826               spzim@fairpoint.net
Media, SM Eagle – Rebecca Jackson                                          719-5100
Media, Franklin News-Post                                                         483-5113
Media, Bedford Bulletin                                                              586-8612
Septic Tank Issues, Franklin Co – Tim Baker VADOH               483-5602
Septic Tank Issues, Bedford Co – Dan Richardson                      540-586-7952x127
Septic System Pumpout Program – Franklin Co.                         483-3027
SML Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center                            721-1203
VA Dept of Health – Preston Miles                                              804-864-7468


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